What are cookies

The website of Qi S.r.l. (heretofore the “SITE”) uses cookies to make its services simple and efficient for its viewers. Users who access the Site will see a minimal quantity of information stored in their computers or mobile devices in the form of small text files named “cookies”, places in dedicated folders set up by the web browser in use. There are several types of cookies, some are needed to make the Site more efficient, some are needed to enable specific functionalities.


Our Cookies

The Site only uses technical cookies, such as navigation or session cookies, or analytic ones.

Specifically, the Site only uses navigation or session cookies aimed at allowing the normal navigation of its pages and through the pages, menus and such.

Finally, we also use analytical cookies, that are used exclusively to collect and aggregate anonymous information about the number of users and about how users traversed the site. These data, collected through Google Analytics, can also be used by Google according to their terms of service.

We do not profile our users by any means, be it through our own or third-party cookies.


Installing and uninstalling cookies. Browser options 

Users can prevent the installation of cookies on their devices configuring their web browsers. Using the Site without changing settings implies consent to receive all the cookies used by the Site and therefore get access to all the functionalities they allow.

Users can always block access to some or all the aforementioned cookies by configuring their browser as indicated below:

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer